Fatima Iftikhar

Education: M.Phil. Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition.

Category: Nutritionist

Timing: 5pm to 11pm

Fee is 1550 RS.

  • Monitored and evaluated inpatients during admit and made changes to their nutrition care plans when necessary.
  • Provided nutrition education to inpatients and outpatients.
  • Documented inpatient and outpatient information into a computerized system (McKesson).
  • Participated in interdisciplinary meetings and provided input regarding patients care / nutritional needs when necessary.
  • Assisted teaching diabetes education classes by teaching patients how to manage diabetes through diet.
  • Provided nutrition education to the community when requested. Examples include: providing nutrition education to individuals involved with the Senior Passport Program (a program offered to senior adults at the hospital), visiting an elementary school to provide nutrition information to parents, speaking at a heart health function, and interviews with local news station.